Visiting St. Kitts: Inspiration and Artistry

I recently had the pleasure of exploring the Island of St. Kitts and the colourful Caribelle Batik. This trip was a much needed spark to reignite my creativity.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting St. Kitts with my family. I soaked up the sun, sand, sights, sounds and tastes of this beautiful island.

Whenever I visit somewhere new all my synapses start firing, and I am full inspiration and new ideas. Sometimes travel even makes me better at seeing new solutions to old problems. Perhaps it is because I’m relaxing, and taking a step back from the issue at hand. Perhaps in surrounding myself with the new, I’m opening up new parts of my brain.

Creativity is really just about seeing things differently, and travelling is a great way to gain a new vantage point.

While I can’t say that my tropical vacation allowed me to immerse my self in a new culture, I did have the opportunity to explore a bit of the island, including Caribelle Batik.

Situated in the historical Romney Manor, and surrounded by lush botanical gardens, Caribelle Batik has been in operation since 1974. The artisans create their own batik fabrics with which they make clothing and other souvenirs for sale in their shop.

Batik is a type of wax-resist dyeing. Wax is applied to fabric to create a pattern or images, and then dyed. The fabric is submerged in boiling water, the wax melts, is skimmed off, and can be re-used. The process is repeated to add additional colours.

The women at Caribelle explained to me that true batik is a mirror image on the front and back of the fabric (because the wax soaks through the fabric).

Here’s a peek at my day at Romney Manor. The property is also home to the 400 year old Saman tree whose branches span 1/2 an acre. I hope you’re as inspired as I was.

Letting the sunsjine in to demonstrate the process at Caribelle Batik

Sample of wax resist at Caribelle Batik

Finished batik fabrics drying on the line

Finished batik fabrics drying on the line

Romney Manor Saman Tree

Romney Manor Gardens


Where have you been travelling lately?

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