Pysanky Roundup: Resources and Inspiration

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In the spirit of Easter, I thought I would showcase a Pysanky Roundup of resources and inspiration. You may also know Pysanky as Ukranian Easter Eggs. Like the batik I wrote about earlier this week, pysanky is another form of wax-resist dyeing, but on eggs of course!

A pysanka is an egg that has been “written” on with wax. Traditionally, there is meaning behind the symbols written on the eggs – whether as a charm against superstitions or as a representation of the Christian Easter story.


Pysanky Symbols and Their Meaning

For patterns and ideas – including patterns by region – visit:


The basics you need are: eggs, wax, dyes, a flame, and a kistka (a stylus for writing on the egg with melted wax). See one of Tutorials below for a complete list.

I would suggest looking at your local Ukranian centre or heritage museum for supplies. If you’re in the Calgary area you could try:

For a list of local vendors by province/state visit:

To purchase supplies online:



1. Turkey Egg Pysanka by Katrina Lazarev | 2. Saddlebag Eggs by Lorrie Popow | 3. Parasol Scallops Egg by Katy David Art | 4. Pysanky by Teresa Mihalko Harbert

5. Modern Abstract Pysanky by Andrea Kulish | 6. Modern Pysanky Chicken Eggs by Just Cindy Art | 7. Swallowing the Sun (Turkey Egg) by Amelia Randich

What’s inspiring you lately?

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Ever wanted to create those beautiful Ukranian Easter Eggs? Now's your chance. I've rounded up some helpful tutorials, suppliers, and inspiration to help you get started writing your first pysanka.

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