Making a God’s Eye – Revisiting the Camp Classic

This week I’m revisiting a camp classic and making a God’s Eye. A God’s Eye, or Ojo de Dios to the Ancient Pueblo peoples, is a sacred yarn weaving. It may have been thought to provide sight into the unknown. Weaving a god’s eye is a contemplative practice, similar to making a mandala. You could even approach this as creating a yarn mandala. If you create your god’s eye with four, or more, sticks, it indeed becomes a sort of sacred circle.

Materials needed: dowels or sticks, ruler, pencil, glue gun, yarn or fibers of your choice

Measure the dowels, mark the centres and glue to make a cross

Cross the thread diagonally several times, making an x, to cover the centre

Move the yarn over and around each dowel

Keep going with one set,or add another set of dowels to your design

Keep going with one set,or add another set of dowels to your design

Move the yarn across diagonally

Try wrapping the yarn from under instead of over

Wrap around going over again

Wrap around and up each stick individually

Wrap from under again. Try wraping over and skipping every other dowel

Making a God's Eye - Final result

Making a God's Eye: Try experimenting with materials and scale


Did you have fun? What should we make next?

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Rediscover a camp classic with this god's eye tutorial. These are very much like making yarn mandalas

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