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As you may now know, I am not a monogamous crafter. I like to play around. But I have to say, this cricket loom may have snared me. It might just be the medium I settle down with and start exploring further. Oh, don’t worry too much, this midnight creative has a lot of curiosity to go around.

Weaving a Scarf on the Crocket Loom

The cricket loom, a brand of rigid heddle looms, is a small, compact loom perfect for weaving scarves, linens or other lightweight fabrics. It’s portable, fits in a large shopping tote and is accessible for multiple skill levels. My boys took a few turns and now want looms of their own. I said we could make some from cereal boxes, but they didn’t seem as impressed with that option.

Getting some help weaving this week. Even (almost) eight year olds can weave on this loom.

Despite skipped stitches and a slightly uneven edge, I’m really proud of the final result – all achieved in a few hours. While weaving, I was able to slip into a relaxing and satisfying rhythm. As Janet, from The Twisted Knitter describes:

the knitter has to be aware of what happened before and what is going to happen next. Weavers and spinners prepare warp and fiber but are rooted in the present as they actively make fabric or yarn. This process of “making” is both meditation and practice, as well as production.

If you live in the Calgary area, I highly recommend taking the cricket loom class at Stash Lounge in Inglewood. For $30, you get a 2.5 hr lesson and then get to borrow a loom to take home and play with for a week. Should you decide to purchase a loom from Stash, they will take $30 off the price. (FYI, this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share this amazing local class with you all).

Not in Calgary? Try your own local yarn stores, or some of these resources to get started:

For inspiration and more tutorials, you can also take a look at my rigid heddle loom Pinterest Board

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Learning to weave on the cricket loom

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