Hi, I’m Katie! I’m a mother, wife, friend, graphic designer, Etsy shop owner, dreamer, planner and maker. This blog is a result of my decision to start living an intentionally creative life.

I hope you will follow me as I share my creative journey, explore ways to stay creative in the midst of the everyday, ask questions like “What is a maker revolution?” and make profound statements, like “Hey, that sounds like my jam!”

Who is The Midnight Creative?
You’re a caffeine fueled, driven, creative ninja – stealthily carving out a few minutes during nap time, past bedtime, on break time, over meal time – to fill your creative tank, fulfill your passions and just plain make stuff. Doodling while reading this, for example. Me writing this at 10:00 pm. Reading at the bus stop. Sewing while your kids watch Frozen. Again. That guy. That girl. Let’s do this!


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